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The Agr.CQRS framework is an attempt to create a framework for a CQRS / EventSourcing application. It is still very rough (not only on the edges) and has issues.
For example:
  • concurrency issues for command processing has not been addressed in any way.
  • failed commands fail very silently (although this can be considered a feature as well according to Greg Young)
  • polling mechanism for updating the viewmodels is bad
  • Entities that are added to other Entities have to be made available in the Aggregate "by hand". It is easy to forget this.
Please feel free to submit patches :)

The sample application is a Questionnaire application which makes use of the framework. Don't hesitate to download and explore it.

1. RunningTheSample

2. HowTheFrameworkWorks

3. Examples

See also the PersonalNote to keep in mind if you are browsing the sourcecode.

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