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Running the sample

  • First, download the sourcecode
  • Install ASP.NET MVC 2 if you haven't.
  • Open the solution Agr.Questionnaire.Core.sln

The framework and sample happily assume a MS SQL server database as datastore.
  • Create a database "Qnnaire"
  • Change the connection string in Global.asax.cs if you feel like it (in a default setup you probably won't have to)
  • To create the database schema, use NHibernate to create it. In Global.asax.cs, line 83 (or so), uncomment the fatal line:
// bootstrapper.CreateSchema();
  • Make sure Agr.Questionnaire.Frontend is the startup project
  • Press F5 to start Cassini and to surf to the default page.

In case of problems, there is logging in the Logs subdirectory of the Frontend project. Edit the web.config to change the loglevel (log4net).
Don't forget to re-comment the CreateSchema() line to prevent your production-ready questionnaires to be lost forever when you restart the application.

You should now see a web page with an extremely cool style with the title "List of Questionnaires" and a link to create a new one. You can create a new questionnaire by clicking the link and entering a name. All commands are issues asynchronously, so the application will refresh the page periodically to see if there are changes. This means there is a lag if you change anything using the web-application.

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